Must-Haves for Your Spring 2023 Adventures

With spring comes longer days to play, more sunshine, bottomless friends, nature begins to bloom, and we can’t forget about the windows-down road trips! The summer trip planning is in full force and the bucket list begins to stack up. As the preparation begins, we wanted to share a list of must-haves for your spring and summer adventures. These are things you won’t want to leave behind in order to successfully accomplish the mission at hand!

Must-Have #1: Pair of tacky skins, or a chairlift will do.

Everyone loves those early hours, soft corduroy laps at the mountain! Fun, fast groomers are usually the best way to start off a spring morning. The corn snow in-bounds or in the backcountry are the adventures you don’t want to miss out on. After a cruiser day on the skis or snowboard, you can après with the family and friends in the parking lot for a midday BBQ and refreshing beverages. BeGOAT included! After a morning’s worth of time playing in the mountains, you can head back to town for some hero dirt hot laps. The longer spring days go hand-in-hand with the dual sport adventures!

Must-Have #2: Sunshine.

Who doesn’t like an adventure with some extra sunshine!? This is the time of year when those rays of sunshine hit particularly hard, especially after an unexpectedly long winter. So, kick your feet back, let those spring day goggle tans set in, soak up that Vitamin D, and don’t forget to lather on the SPF. Best paired with Grapefruit Tangerine!

Must-Have #3: Your best friend.

Going on a solo adventure can be good for the soul, but it sure is icing on the cake when you can include your best friend or friends! The hikes get shorter, the beverages go down faster, the days get longer, and it is that much easier to lose track of time when you have that best friend by your side. There is nothing better than experiencing bucket list adventures and creating a photo album of memories with that +1 in tow. 

Must-Have #4: A man, and woman’s, best friend.

Okay, we are adding a +3 to the friend list! No fur friends can be left behind when it comes time for spring adventures. Their favorite river swim holes are flowing extra high, the rocks are warm under their paws, the breeze along their coat is extra enjoyable, and all the fresh smells are game changers for the pups. Heck, they can even provide free entertainment with a BeGOAT balancing act!

Must-Have #5: A good book.

There is nothing quite like an enjoyable book on your adventures. This is the perfect excuse to take a break from a long drive or to take some time away from the friend group who is tagging along for the same adventure. When you find that warm, sunny spot to kick back and relax while taking in the facts or fiction of your book, life truly doesn’t get much better than that. Must feature BeGOAT in the other hand! 

Must-Have #6: Basecamp.

Basecamp, your home away from home. This is an essential feature of your spring adventures! Whether it be a treehouse Airbnb, a lakeside a-frame cabin, a sprinter van, or a lightweight tent, there must be a place to call home at the end of an adventurous day. A place to unload all your gear and get a good night’s worth of sleep, in preparation for the next adventure. Our fan favorite seems to be the sprinter van with BeGOAT in arms reach!

Must-Have #7: Stunning views.

Time to let the stressors melt away, one stunning view at a time. The landscapes of spring are bucket list items of their own. From rolling fields of wildflowers to roaring waterfalls and mountains caked in shimmering snow. These views are one for the books and most appreciated with BeGOAT in tow.

Must-Have #8: Favorite case of BeGOAT beverages.

Don’t forget to pick up a case of your favorite BeGOAT flavor on your way out of town! This is the perfect beverage to fueling an exciting road trip, backcountry ski trip, or parking lot BBQ. Offering 7 delicious flavors which feature:

  • 200 mg of caffeine
  • 25 calories
  • 5 g of organic cane sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • 7 net carbs
  • All-natural plant-based ingredients

Not only has BeGOAT concocted a refreshing and delicious beverage, but they also utilize a unique ingredient called cascara. Cascara is the coffee fruit or coffee cherry that grows around a coffee seed. This is the most fundamental portion of the fruit that is usually discarded during the processing stage of producing coffee beans. The talented brewers behind BeGOAT have determined a way to repurpose this delicious fruit as an ingredient. Cascara is bursting with flavor, offers the same caffeine content, is packed with several nutrients, and is loaded with antioxidants plus polyphenols which all contribute towards improving cognitive health, supporting the immune system, providing a healthy energy boost, lowering stress and anxiety, and assisting with weight loss.

Regardless of how many “must-haves” you include in your next adventure, we guarantee you will have an epic trip. Especially if the one item you don’t forget is your favorite case of BeGOAT!

Follow BeGOAT on social media and don’t forget to swing by your local market on your way out of town for a refreshing and sustainable BeGOAT Cascara+ beverage. Don’t worry if you can’t find your preferred flavor; you can conveniently shop online!

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