BeGOAT Holiday Gift Guide

What better way to celebrate the holidays than to purchase a 12-pack of BeGOAT in your favorite flavor or variety pack, then pair it with the perfect beverage accessory!


  1. 12 oz Slim Hydro Flask Cooler Cup + Cascara Berry

Not only will the Cascara Berry look and taste great in the Laguna 12 oz Slim Hydro Flask Cooler Cup, but you’re guaranteed a cold beverage for hours! These slim cooler cups can fit any skinny can, therefore fitting in just about any cup holder. The collar on the cooler cup locks in the cold with a snug fit for cans. You cannot go wrong with this perfect pair.


  1. Puffin Sweater + Grapefruit Tangerine

Hello, sweater weather – not only for you but also for your Grapefruit Tangerine. You and your beverage will certainly be in style amongst the crowds. If you aren’t feeling the sweater attire, there are a plethora of other jackets, vests, life jackets and even sleeping bags to choose from. Your can of BeGOAT will stay warm, cozy, and safe no matter which Puffin you choose.


  1. Toadfish Slim Can Adapter + Hibiscus Lime

No need to worry about your Hibiscus Lime fitting in your standard-size cup holder any longer. Toadfish has introduced a slim can adapter providing a spill-proof driving experience. When all the product reviews come back as 5-star, you know you cannot miss out on the opportunity to experience this outstanding product!


  1. Kroozie 2.0 + Strawberry Lemon Ginger

The Kroozie 2.0 is the perfect sidekick to your Strawberry Lemon Ginger, especially when purchased in the striking red color! This drink holder was built for beach cruisers, electric bikes, strollers, boats, scooters, wheelchairs, and more. You certainly don’t have to stress about leaving behind your recently opened BeGOAT or postponing our outdoor outing.


  1. Yeti Hopper Flip 8 Soft Cooler + Watermelon Dragonfruit

Cheers to packing a handful of BeGOAT beverages for your long excursion! This is a personal cooler specifically designed for solo trips and treks, designed to fit your beverages for the day and still have room for ice. Top the Nordic Purple soft cooler with the perfectly matching Watermelon Dragonfruit and you’re guaranteed to win style points.


  1. OXO Good Grips Collapsible Straw + Jackfruit Coconut Mango

This one is for straw lovers, so skip the single-use and invest in the compact reusable staw from OXO. With durability in mind, this stainless steel straw is long-lasting and reduces plastic waste. It is adjustable, ensuring the bottom of the straw reaches the very bottom of the skinny BeGOAT can. The beautiful blue color sure will be complimented by the Jackfruit Coconut Mango! Plus, there is a brush included ensuring that your straw is sparkling clean for the next use.


  1. PopThirst Slim + Lemonade Mint

You can officially juggle with one hand while enjoying your Lemonade Mint, ensuring no spills! Not only has PopSocket saved our phones several times, but they are also saving our beverages. This accessory even insulates your beverage, while matching any outfit you are wearing that day. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Swing by your local market to pick up a variety 12-pack, because these truly do make the best stocking stuffers. BeGOAT is wishing you, your family, and your friends all the happiest holidays!

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