BeGOAT: Natural Energy To Get You In Nature

BeGOAT: Natural Energy To Get You In Nature

Not all energy drinks are made equally; BeGOAT is a clean energy beverage made for the health-conscious and the nature-lover, someone who craves a sustainable and balanced increase of energy rather than the spike and crash of traditional energy drinks. 

Don’t you think the time has passed for energy drinks with questionable ingredients that are only meant to help you stay up late for a study sesh or a party? If the answer is yes, then this is the BeGOAT drink review you’ve been waiting for, written for the outdoor enthusiast. With clean energy, BeGOAT is a new kind of energy beverage that can be a healthy boost not only for your studying and your social life but also for your adventurous life—the one that takes you up mountain peaks and through river rapids and down snowy slopes. 

A clean energy drink is the natural (pun intended) choice for someone who loves to explore the natural world, who values play as much as work, for those that want to be the GOAT of their outdoor sport, and for those with no goal in mind other than to make every moment of their life feel like the Greatest Of All Time, with clean energy to do what you’re passionate about. BeGOAT is a new beverage that provides clean fuel for the bold, the adventurer, and the kind of weekend warrior who wants fresh air and a trail beneath their feet. With all natural, healthy ingredients, BeGOAT gives you sustained energy for any activity, so you’ll have the stamina to do the things that make you feel most alive.


Nature-lovers don’t just care about wanting to be in nature on the outside, they also want what goes inside their bodies to be all-natural as well—it’s easy logic. If you’re nearing age 30 or beyond, you might reflect on your teens and early 20s as a time when you were okay with ingredients that came from a lab rather than the earth, or maybe the thoughts never even crossed your mind, but not anymore. Many people become more health-conscious with age, but that consciousness is happening on a larger scale as well—teens these days are certainly more knowledgeable about clean ingredients than their parents were at their age. So BeGOAT—an all natural*, plant-based and vegan, non-GMO, clean energy drink—is a natural choice, whether you’re still a spright 16, or a slightly more achy but active 29-year-old, or a super-fit 45 doing 50k trail runs and leaving the young kids in awe and in your dust.  

Whether you’re vegan or get local beef at the farmer’s market every week, BeGOAT will fit your health needs because, in addition to being plant-based, it’s just better for your gut than most other energy drinks. You probably know that “health-conscious” doesn’t just mean diet choice, calories, and sugar content, it also means studying labels to look for preservatives, food colorings, and other harmful ingredients that you’ve learned to avoid for optimum and long-term health. Artificial sweeteners (like those used in Celsius and Alani Nu), while seemingly “healthy” because they keep calories low, can actually cause digestive issues and flare existing gut conditions. BeGOAT is easy on even a sensitive system—with naturally-derived ingredients, a clean energy source, and real (but low) sugar, it picks you up without causing other problems. 

And obviously, flavor is a factor, right? BeGOAT has four original flavors: Cascara Berry (clean and bright, the most natural representation of the Cascara+ flavor), Grapefruit Tangerine (super tangy and refreshing), Hibiscus Lime (floral and bright), and Strawberry Lemon Ginger (great on its own or for mixing as a cocktail). There are also three seasonal flavors: Watermelon Dragonfruit, Jackfruit Coconut Mango, and Lemonade Mint, all of which, just like the originals, are made with naturally derived ingredients, not artificial flavors. They’re all refreshing, uplifting, and give you that feel-good kind of energy (200 mg of it!) with great taste and no surprises. 

Sustained Energy For Any Activity

People used to associate energy drinks with vodka mixers, late nights, and rough mornings where, ironically, the energy to do your favorite activities felt like a far-off dream. But in today’s day and age, energy drinks have taken on new roles and expanded their reach through more activities than just partying or powering through college essays. If your priorities have changed from wanting anything that will keep you up later, to wanting clean, healthy beverages that give you the energy to make memories with your favorite people in beautiful places, then you want something different than what’s been offered thus far in the energy beverage industry. With 200mg of clean caffeine, BeGOAT is the healthier option for the boost you need to rally for a night out with friends and to pick yourself up for a day well spent, no matter if you’re a night owl or an early bird. And a day well spent being active does not just mean a trip to the gym—nature-lovers want the energy to be active in order to go into the great outdoors. BeGOAT is the cold can you’ll reach for as you grab your hiking boots, your skis, your dirtbike, your mountain bike, your climbing gear, your yoga mat, your kayak, your running shoes, your slackline, your swimsuit, your surfboard, your roller skates, or even your hula hoop. 

And there’s something else besides real ingredients that makes BeGOAT a unique clean energy drink: the very source of the energy itself. Cascara+ is BeGOAT’s exclusive formulation of All Natural* energy. It comes from the coffee plant, but with a process of extraction reimagined to be more resourceful, eco-friendly, and preserve more of the nutrients than the process of making coffee. Coffee is made from only the bean of the coffee fruit, while cascara is the soft flesh of the fruit that protects the coffee bean and is discarded after harvesting the bean. However, this flesh also contains natural caffeine, as well as micronutrients, antioxidants, and polyphenols, making for a clean energy drink that fuels the body in more ways than one. So, BeGOAT’s one-of-a-kind Cascara+ formulation uses the whole coffee fruit: the bean, the berry, and the husk, creating a source of energy that doesn’t just give you the boost you need to enjoy the outdoors and do all the things that make life worth living, but it also nourishes you, making it one of many healthy choices you want to make so you can enjoy the outdoors (and life) for longer. 

A Healthy Choice

BeGOAT is the healthier choice in energy beverages not just because it uses a source of clean energy (and micronutrients and antioxidants!) but because of all of its stats: it’s gluten-free, has 7 Net Carbs**, 25 calories, and only 5g of Organic Cane Sugar. 

In the last ten years, energy drink options have multiplied, meaning you have choices in how you get a boost, and also in what kinds of ingredients you are putting in your body in order to get that boost. Healthier alternatives to the types of energy drinks teens were drinking in the early 2000s are now readily available—but what differentiates these “healthier” alternatives? 

A major factor is sugar: how much and what kind. 

You might reach for Guayaki as a healthier alternative, which does have antioxidants and a better energy source, but—it’s still high in sugar, with 10-15 grams per can. Sugar intolerances are more and more common, causing migraines, skin problems, and gut issues for many people. So, you might try to avoid sugar altogether, going for a zero-sugar drink like Celsius and Alani Nu, but as previously mentioned, for anyone with food sensitivities and intolerances, zero-sugar drinks tend to make health issues worse, or can even cause gut issues themselves. Instead of real sugar to make it sweet and flavorful, Celsius uses sucralose, which according to some studies can change your gut microbiome by lowering the number of good bacteria by half. So while a no-sugar energy drink seems like a sweet deal, it’s a compromise that you shouldn’t have to make. 

So with Guayaki’s higher sugar content and Celsius and Alani Nu’s artificial sweetener use, there was still a hole in the industry for a clean energy drink that’s gluten-free and low enough in sugar that will make you feel good and that you can feel good about. BeGOAT, with only 5g of Organic Cane Sugar does just that. In a day and age of over-processed foods, unnatural ingredients, GMOs, and artificial sweeteners, very few people are lucky enough to not have any food intolerances or harsh reactions to hard-to-pronounce ingredients, but BeGOAT is a clean energy drink that even those with the most restrictions due to allergies and health conditions can enjoy—whether before a late night out or on your way to a 14-mile hike in the Cascades. No matter if the parties or the hikes are more frequent in your life these days, BeGOAT is a clean beverage for any occasion.  

Life Awaits

Now let’s be clear: you don’t have to be a pro of the outdoor industry to be the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) or to benefit from the clean energy of BeGOAT drinks. Whether you are an experienced skier with dreams of future sponsors, or a new paddle-boarder who dreams of only a relaxing afternoon on a mountain lake, or even a dabbler of all things outdoors—you can be the GOAT by just making the most of your life, especially your life outside. Whether on a rock face, a river, or a road, most of us just want to put ourselves out there and enjoy all that nature has to offer. And what is most likely to stop you from doing so? Lack of energy—feeling depleted after a long day, week, or year of work and everyday obligations. And ironically, every year that brings more energy-depleting chaos also brings more reasons to be health-conscious about what you put in your body. This is what you’re looking for: a drink that tastes good, nourishes the body, and gives you clean energy. So grab a cold BeGOAT and get outside: life awaits.

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